Left Coast Sports Fishing

At Left Coast Sports Fishing you will find “Sportfishing Items for Sale Made by Fishermen for Fishermen”. To be clear, we stock items from all over the world. What we’ve found using tackle from anywhere is when hungry the fish could care less where their meal comes from.

Our parent company develops consumer products for solving specific problems. In this store you will find products we have developed like our exquisite fishing rod cover we affectionately call The Rod Sock. The Rod Sock is a cloth rod cover with a pull tie for securing the rod. We use it while underway when sensitive rod tips contact bulkheads and potentially snap off.

We offer new and used items and are clearly notated as such. Many items are produced and tested by small businesses so if you see it here, it’s available for purchase. Like all fishing products, these items have specific applications and it is our mission to bring you the best of the best. We do our best to avoid selling “cheap” items that can only be a disappointment, especially when bring fish to gaff or the net.

Left Coast Sports Fishing is run by fishermen so we’ll always do our best to answer questions or offer quality tackle for sale. Our used products are mainly reels but we will offer return policies should something fail or not meet your expectations.

Thank you for visiting our store and please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you. And we are always looking to add new and exciting items to our store and your tacklebox.