Sportfishing Products

The Rod Sock is a cloth fishing rod cover built to protect fishing rods from inadvertent damage. As a fisherman myself, rods are also susceptible when not in use, and when underway. These covers also provide protection when rods are in storage and especially when being shipped. The Rod Sock is secured using a draw string. We make covers to fit fishing rods anywhere from 6 to 12 feet in length. We make our covers for spinning or conventional rods, and can be used on fresh or saltwater rods.

Rod tips tend to weaken or snap off on boats when hitting the sides of the boat due to motion. Although rod tips can be replaced, the rod is never the same again. We do not guarantee a rod covered by our product against breakage but we can protect it against damage caused by the elements or bulk heads.

When traveling to exotic locations, it’s always a good idea to pack rods away in hard sided cases and most anglers do. Having an extra layer of protection never hurt my feelings. Getting to the fish only to find out your expensive rods have been damaged is a real deal breaker.

Our socks are machine washable so when they do get dirty, you can drop them in a washing machine and they are as clean as new. They also stretch so if you have extra large eyes on your rods, not to worry, The Rod Sock will slip right over them. We make them in white or tan.