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We take pride in the products we have created. Each of which has been created with purpose. That purpose is creating products of substance not available elsewhere. Consumer food products are loaded with and in some cases made entirely with additives. This is what drove us to develop food products we consider natural and additive and preservative free. What we have found is food tastes completely different without additives. Special handling is required for our products made with perishable like fruit or vegetables.

Food Handling:

Perishable foods are those likely to spoil, decay or become unsafe to consume if not kept refrigerated at 40 °F or below, or frozen at 0 °F or below. The category of “Perishable Foods” is defined by the United States Department of Agriculture. Examples of foods that must be kept refrigerated for safety include fruit, meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, and all cooked leftovers.

Dry spices all have a shelf life, and their potency declines over time. When properly used, spices bring out the natural flavors in foods instead of overpowering natural flavors. Spice blends are considered non-perishable foods. Semi-perishable foods are food products that do not require immediate refrigeration but that will spoil more quickly than non-perishable items. Unless frozen, semi-perishable foods do not have shelf lives that extend beyond a year, as they do eventually spoil or get stale. Over time, our spices will harden so we recommend adding a mortar and pestle for grinding the spice into powder. If there is anything you need, you can add it to your order prior to shopping cart checkout. You can always add things later.


It is not our intention to impugn any vendors’ products. We just have different tastes when it comes to food preparation.


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