e-Mall brought to you as the storefront for products offered by our company.

Our e-Mall has been created to highlight products built by our company and offered for sale to the public. We are a product development company that builds “better products” than those you can find in stores today. The company was founded to address frustration finding commercially available products that are not disposable. Everyone expects value for their hard-earned dollars, not to mention quality products. Nothing we make for sale in our e-mall should be considered disposable. Our consumable food products have been made without additives, preservatives, or flavor enhancers. The impetus for these products came from reading product labels in grocery stores and coming away totally confused about what’s in them. Ingredients are clearly marked so that you know what you’re consuming. Gourmet food is prepared using spices and seasonings which is why you experience true flavors in food. Our e-Mall includes products we purchase wholesale and resell.

The majority are products that assist with food preparation. We pride ourselves in offering the best of the best so that when you’re preparing food, tools don’t get in the way. Our choices for food preparation items are based upon time spent preparing food for family and friends using inside and outside kitchens. You will not find our kitchen items cheap for the touch or the wallet but that’s the way we want it. Cheaply made tools are beyond frustrating.

Al items you find in our e-mall are available 24/7. Should you place an order after business hours, we will strive to get them out before the close of business the next day.  Orders received three hours before our close of business are shipped that day.


There are many payment methods available today. We make checking out flexible and easy using these methods. While there are some payment types we do not support, we also provide the ability to have purchases hand delivered that day location permitting. All the major shipping methods are provided and  can be determined during checkout.. It is our mission to make your shopping experience the best. All we ask is you let us know if something is not up to your exacting specifications.

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