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Engineered Products Technology Publications are compilations of experiences over a 40 year technology career. In my career I’ve been blessed to work with small to massively large companies. Every company was dependent on technology to thrive and looking for ways to be more efficient.

My job as an SME (Subject Mater Expert), my tasks were to work with customers implementing technology to solve problems. It was during discovery when we uncovered a myriad of shortcomings in existing and new implementations.

It was at this point we went to work plugging holes in the targeted systems and work outwards through the technology stack. In the end, the customer had a technology stack that was sustainable over the long haul. Changes made included upgrades, complete replacement, or retrofitting existing pillars.

Our books show ways forward taken by companies so shore up their environment and all affected pillars. Technology has changed rapidly as it has the way it’s been implemented. Our intent is to present a roadmap for deploying systems based on success stories. Most of these systems are in production today and have survived radical increases in estimated utilization. Businesses threw hardware at problems until that became untenable and were forced to re-engineer.

There is no silver bullet to addressing the future but we make decisions easier based on experiences faced and solutions provided by other companies. Reinventing the wheel is not an option, but greasing it along the way is more valuable.

The Engineered Products Technology Publications category was created specifically to promote books written by the Engineered Products & Technology L.L.C. technology side of the business.

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