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This category is for charcoal / wood, and other products needed to provide heat for grilling or smoking food.

Smoke is what sets barbecue apart from other types of food and gives it that delicious flavor we all crave. Some people only picture wood logs as the heat source when it comes to outdoor cooking. But, there are now several options for fuel sources that are available when it comes to your grill or smoker.

Understanding the different fuel sources is a big part of helping you master outdoor cooking. As well as selecting a new grill or smoker that you’ll be happy to use regularly. Some fuel sources are more convenient than others, while others result in more flavorful meat. Some will have longer cooking times and a higher cost than others.

One for sure thing is that they will all result in different flavors. This is because each fuel source produces different gases and byproducts during combustion. It is just a matter of determining which fuel source is right for your situation and your preferred flavor.

Realistically there are seven types of  cooking sources for outdoor cooking. The most popular are wood logs and chunks, charcoal, hardwood, and more recently, wood pellets. Pellet grills are gaining in popularity because with their advanced electronics, you can tell them what time to start and end. These grills feed wood pellets as needed to maintain heat.

Natural gas is another good option as a fuel source. It does have many similarities as liquid propane. But, unlike propane, when using natural gas for your outdoor cooking your grill would be connected to a natural gas line from your home.

Electric smokers are also an option when it comes to outdoor cooking, though less common in the championship barbecue scene. If you are tight on space, these are a great option because they are usually lighter and smaller.

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Charcoal / wood seems to be the standard – today.

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