Incident Reporting

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Incident Reporting

Incident reporting (IR) is the process by which an organization handles a data breach or cyberattack. It is an effort to quickly identify an attack, minimize its effects, contain damage. Hopefully swift remediation of the cause and reduction the risk of future incidents.

Incident Reporting is the process of capturing, recording, and managing an incident occurrence such as an injury or potentially a breech. It entails documenting all the facts related to incidents. Incidents are generally accidents or events. These events cause injuries to workers or damage to property or equipment but we’re talking system security.

The purpose of an incident report is to state the cause of the problem along with corrective actions that can be taken to minimize the risk of a future occurrence. The forms can also be used as safety documents, outlining potential safety hazards around the workplace.

Cyber Events:

Cyber incidents can have serious consequences. The theft of private, financial, or other sensitive data and cyber-attacks that damage computer systems can cause lasting harm to anyone engaged in personal or commercial online transactions. Such risks are increasingly faced by businesses, consumers, and all other users of the Internet.

Incident Assistance:

A private sector entity that is a victim of a cyber incident report can receive assistance from government agencies, which are prepared to investigate the incident, mitigate its consequences, and help prevent future incidents. For example, federal law enforcement agencies have highly trained investigators who specialize in responding to cyber incidents. Their express purpose is disrupting threat actors who caused the incident and preventing harm to other potential victims.

In addition to law enforcement, other federal responders provide technical assistance to protect assets, mitigate vulnerabilities, and offer on-scene response personnel to aid in incident recovery.

We talk about incident response in the podcast and the book. It is our hope this podcast provides something you may have not already thought about.

Incident reporting


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