Environment Monitoring

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Environment Monitoring

Environment monitoring enables you to centrally manage all devices in your data centers. It allows you to connect to, collect data from, and configure your devices via SNMP, HTTPs, and other protocols for IP-based networks for  starters.

Data center monitoring involves tracking key metrics in real time to monitor the status and health of a data center. The data collected is stored and visualized using Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.


Security monitoring, sometimes referred to as “security information monitoring (SIM)” or “security event monitoring (SEM),” involves collecting and analyzing information to detect suspicious behavior or unauthorized system changes on your network, defining which types of behavior should trigger alerts, and acting against events. Why security monitoring is important is because it helps you know how to detect and defend against attacks.

You can monitor all aspects of a data center from network performance to energy consumption figures and more. The goal is to ensure that your data center is operating as efficiently as possible. Our book is about building and maintaining secure systems. This is a heavy lift which is why companies have dedicated staff for this pillar.

Hackers frequently use a variety of cybersecurity attacks to get through an organization’s network. Having cyber security monitoring in place is the only way to detect one or more attacks being used against your organization.


To monitor data security incidents, you need to collect and analyze data security logs. These are the records of the activities and events that occur on your network. Data security logs can provide you with valuable information about the source, nature, impact, and frequency of data security incidents. Improving the overall efficiency of your data center will enable you to get more out of existing assets and reduce overall operating costs. There are varying levels of environment monitoring, and we cover a small segment on the podcast.

Environment Monitoring


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