Cookin Wit’ Gus

Cookin Wit' Gus

We at Cookin Wit’ Gus take eating seriously. Food preparation and consumption is something that really brings people together. There are almost as many techniques and recipes as there are people. One thing we have found is no two people season foods the same way and use the same exact seasonings. We offer wholesome seasonings that are free of additives, preservatives, coloring agents, or flavor enhancers. Our seasoning repertoire includes grilling rubs, herb seasoning blends, and seasoning mixes.


For those who deep fry, our line of coating mixes has been carefully blended to coat any meat you choose to fry. Our coating mix line also has a special blend for our friends with food allergies. Those same coating mixes can also be used to make awesome gravy that fills the air with an aroma you can smell from a distance.

If you like sauces, Cookin Wit’ Gus have made several sauces that are perfect for basting, injecting, or marinating before or after going over the heat. As an example, one of our sauces contains real bacon, another contains real fruit.

We made these products out of frustration of finding products whose ingredients are almost impossible to pronounce. We hear on a regular basis how we need to eat better. These products, all of these products have been made without additives or preservatives. The added benefit of these careful blends is it allows you to taste the flavors of the foods as intended.


For our sauces that are made using fresh fruit, special handling is required. That being the case, it is recommended this sauce be refrigerated before and after usage. Refrigeration slows down the natural ripening of the fruits. Other sauces we make contain vegetables like onions. All ingredients are clearly marked so that you know exactly what you’re getting. These recommendations are delivered with these products and please follow them. Store bought sauces are not made with real fruit but include preservatives to extend their shelf life by delaying the natural ripening of the fruit..

Life’s Good When You’re Cookin Wit’ Gus !!!


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