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As the name suggests, Left Coast Sports Fishing is the place where you can buy products built by fishermen for fishermen. In our store are new and used items needed for a good day out on the water. The parent company has created several products you will find in the store. The flagship product is a fishing rod cover we affectionally call “The Rod Sock”. In our store you will find quality new and used sportfishing tackle for collectors and users. We offer freshwater and saltwater items.

Rod Protection:

Fishing rods are expensive and getting more expensive every day. For this reason and because of accidents, protecting them is my number one priority. Nothing worse than snapping off the tip of your rod when you’re out on the water.

This sock is to be used to protect rods up to nine (9) feet in length from scratches, flying debris, banging against other rods or tapping against the bulkheads while under way and especially when in rough seas. The sock will fit spinning, standup/conventional, or fly rods. The sock is made of soft cotton and is machine washable.

Rod tips are sensitive and flexible by design and do not discriminate between being in transit or loaded up with fish so this sock protects them while not being used.

The sock is secured with an easy pull draw string so that you can pull the string and secure it from coming off in high winds. The sock is machine washable just like your favorite fishing shirt.

We have made this product available in our online store for rods “Up To” 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 feet in length. The Rod Sock fits conventional or spinning rods with equal enthusiasm. Most of what you will find in our store can be used on any coast so take a look.


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